In the Eye of the Sphinx
                                                                          Part 1 of
                                                  Multiverse Journeys

About Author

Ulysses Nico DAgris

I dedicate my first novella in the series Multiverse Journeys to the historic island of Tenedos, located near the entrance of the Dardanelles, and famous for its grapes and wine in antiquity. As written in Homer's Illiad, it is where the Greek fleet, led by Agamemnon and heading for Troy first landed and later constructed the Trojan Horse. It was the birthplace of my father Anastasios and my grandparents Heidi and Harold.



Ulysses Nico DAgris is a native of New York, born of Spartan and Athenian heritage,in the Swedish Hospital under the Brooklyn Bridge. He advanced up the ranks by graduating Officer Candidate School and Command and General Staff College, to retire as a Lieutenant Colonel from the Signal Corps Branch of the US Army. Upon retirement he worked as a Network Engineer for military war-game computer simulations. He lived and worked in Germany, Afghanistan, South Korea, Japan, Poland, Ukraine and other points of the globe. He earned a BA in Psychology and Philosophy from Hunter College of the City University of New York . He graduated with an Electronics Technical Degree from Thomas A Edison H.S. He is an avid reader of books explaining the latest scientific theories on physics, cosmology, and human potential.  Following the minimalist school, his narrative is characterized with simplicity in both form and content.  His holistic approach expresses alternate points of view to allow the reader to employ their own imagination and judgment.